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Dentist abroad in Lugansk

Thank you for a very pleasant and pain-free dental implants treatment. I'll unquestionably come back to Ukraine for any future dental treatment.

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Dental Price Comparison - Europe, UK, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine


Prices in Ukraine are about 40% cheaper than in Hungary or Poland

Visiting the Ukraine for routine or cosmetic dentistry may seem tedious and time-consuming. There is a general assumption that considerably lower dental fees signify inferior dental standards. The reality is contrary to this. Indeed, both UK and Ireland have one of the highest dental costs in Europe. The price of medical treatment in the Ukraine is lower simply because the cost of living is lower. There is no compromise in standards. Dental clinics in the Ukraine is staffed with experienced and highly educated dentists and technicians and equipped with world-class State of the Art Technology. Taking a holiday and attending to your dental health and/or dental aesthetics simultaneously, makes a lot of sense. Taking time to examine these actual costs, makes even more sense!

Dental Prices Comparison: Hungary, Poland, Ukraine

Dental treatment 

Our Prices 

Hungary or Poland  

Savings £ 



 Panoramic X-ray (OPG)

25   25  100
Dental implant +surgery+ temporary crown+healing abutment+titanium abutment
 449  725  276  38

Porcelain crown fused to metal

 125  180  55  30
Full-ceramic Zirconium crown

 220  320  100  21

Full-ceramic Procera crown

 280  350  60  20
Tooth extraction (basic)

 15  25  10  40
Wisdom tooth extraction

 80  120  40  33
 Root canal treatment with one canal

 55  85  30  35
Root canal treatment with four root canals

 149  200  50  25
Tooth-coloured filling

 45  60  10  25
ZOOM! teeth whitening system in office bleaching

 199  340  140  42
Porcelain veneer

 199  250  50  20
Sinus lift (Bio-material included)

 540  850  310  27
Precision attachment partial metal denture

 850  1150  300  26
Metal braces

 1150  2660  1510  67
Ceramic braces

 1550  3800  2250  69

Compare some typical cases:
Dentl fees in Ukraine

Dental implants in Ukraine

The direct flight to Kiev or Lvov costs £40 incl. taxes. It takes 2 hours 40 minute to get to the Ukraine to have your dental treatment done abroad.

Plenty of return flights starting from as cheap as 90 GBP are available for your convenience.

Accommodation: One night will cost you approximately £45 and £70 depending on the type of the room or apartments and the period of the year.

Dental crowns in Ukraine


Porcelain veneers in Ukraine

Porcelain veneers in Hungary or Poland

Best place to go in Europe for dentistry.

Obviously the total cost of the cosmetic dentistry treatment with MTA clinics, including the travel and accommodation will be significantly lower than the dental treatment costs at any another clinic in Eastern Europe.

You can save approximately 30% on Eastern European dental costs and simultaneously have an amazing holiday
...all in one package!